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    Can somone please confirm what the two sockets are on the G2500 i bought for my T600..

    I have used the cradle for gps nicely.. but have not got it to work for speakerphone, i wired it up as per the instruction manual that came with it.. which says the mic is the port on the top.. and that the port on the side is audio out.. but it doesnt work.. the third party cannot hear me enough for a call..

    The PDF on their website shows the ports to be the other way round?? I've not tried this yet as i don't want to damage anything..

    A further querry... If the mic port is seperate to the stereo audio out port.. why did the cradle come with an earpiece with built in mic??? how exactly are you supposed to plug that in?? one connector into two ports? hahah yeh.. ok.. sure thats easy enough.. lol..

    Thankyou for any help

    I won't write to seidio, as they ripped me off over a headset adaptor which broke within a few days and then ignored all my emails attempting to get an RMA to return
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    The manual is wrong. Plug the mic into the side port. Also, you need to install the car adapter software. That is why people can't hear you. Once you do that, it will be much better also. With the mic in the top, it creates a lot of echoing.

    Next you ask why they include a mic headset? I would say to just include it for on the go. Only a mic will do any good while in the cradle, at least to my knowledge.

    I have a question for you... What are you using for software for GPS? And how well does it work? I have the 2500 cradle and antenna, but need to decide and get software. I am anxious to use it.

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    Thankyou for the help, people can hear me now althought i'm not sure how well, but i was able to have a voice conversation while driving, excellent...
    I did see an update at some point for the cradle, but can no longer find it? where is it please?? my phone is currently running firmware 3.05 and software 1.12-ROW, am i right in thinking this includes the car kit upgrade?

    I use mapopolis in the UK.
    I've only used it for a couple of days, and i've not tried any others. previously i was using autoroute and Route66 on my laptop. neither of these had a voice prompt or re-route, so i relied on the large laptop screen to follow the route. with the T600's screen this isnt really feasible, so mapopolis (try it for free for 9days off their site ) works well for me. the routes it chooses seem fairly appropriate to me locally, the odd one is a bit out the way, but does get you there without too much hasstle which is the main thing..
    the voice prompts are very good, the voice isnt "clear" however you can understand it, thats the main thing, a quick glance at the screen to clarify any road names etc is all that is needed occasionally, you don't need to use the visual route at all, which is lucky because you can't really, its a bit too small.(its good to verify which turning if there are several close together etc) the warnings are withing plenty of time, telling you .5miles ahead, .2miles .1miles.. "next turn" etc.. if you miss a corner it bongs at you a few times and then re-routes a new path.. shows crosses if your going down the road the wrong way..

    All in all, i'm very happy with it and won't be looking around for any alternatives.. thats not to say there arnt any better ones, however i have no need for anythign more than mapopolis can supply its no slower than my old laptop setup even, and with the almost instant start times compared to booting up a PC etc i am ever so pleased..

    any specific querries i'll be glad to answer thankyou for your help!

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