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    Have a Cingular 650. I cannot get the "Business Card" set right in the Contacts! I select my contact record and select business card but the icon to signify the Business Card does not show up.

    When I beam a business card is usues another contact. IF I delete that contact completely, the next contact in the list gets designated as the "Business Card"

    Anyone ever seen this or have any idea what might be causing this?

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    I have the same problem. Did a search and came up empty. Anyone??

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    Nope, I don't have your business card.... (sorry couldn't help myself...there's wine involved...)
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    Hey, I think I got it.

    Although there is a selection for "Select Business Card" when you are simply viewing a record, it doesn't do anything. You have to pull up the record, then select the Edit button. At this point do the Select Business Card and it works for me.
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    I would select my contact as the business card, and it would automatically select the contact that is six contacts down. So, I selected the sixth conact above me and now my contact is selected. weird.......
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    I had the same problem - it would select the guy 4 contacts below me, but doing it from the edit screen worked. Definitely a bug!
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    I took me 4 or 5 tries to set my business card. I'd set it, confirm it, and it wouldn't take. Then, without doing anything different, it took it. Strange stuff.


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