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    I am away on bussiness for the 4 weeks and my treo 650 crashed (looping)... All I can do is hard reset. And now I have no way to sync to my office computer. I lost all my contacts, all my programs etc. All I really care about right now is my contacts is there a way I can have some at work send me something from the treo folder so I can just download it and have my contacts? Also the note pad items?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Do you use a backup software? If not, it is possible to copy the contacts and note pad files, have them emailed and then you can copy them to your treo.
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    Soft reset with the 5-way pushed up, this disables programs from starting. You can then easily disable whatever it is you probably installed which caused this problem to start.

    Oh wait, you already hard reset.

    Your office could mail you your pdb files, you could download them and install them into ram, that should work. Sounds like you could have used some preventive maintenance with BackupBuddyVFS though.
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    Can you guys please tell me what file they would have to send me? This is killing me right now...
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    You can download the Palm Desktop software from the Palmone web site and install it on your PC or computer wherever you are.

    Have your office zip and email you everything in your hotsync folder at the following directory path:

    c:/Program Files/palmOne/<your hotsync named folder>

    When you get it, upzip that folder to the following folder where you just installed the desktop software:

    c:/Program Files/palmOne/

    Hotsync with your Treo and you be good to go. Then go buy an SD memory card and install BackupMan.
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    Definately add a backup software - this will allow you to restore in just a few seconds should this happen again I use BackupBuddy as it allows me to easily pick and choose what I want to restore.

    If you don't have access to a PC to loan the palm desktop, you can copy the files in the address, todo and contact folders to your Treo
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    ok but I do not have my hot sync cable... Thats in my car at the airport...
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    Do you have an SD card and a card reader and access to a PC?
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    I think all the files you'll need to regain contacts are in the folder:

    c:/Program Files/palmOne/<your hotsync named folder>/Backup

    Have your office send you those, copy them to an SD card along with the free software: filez. Use filez to copy all your PDB files on the SD card to the Treo.
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    I'm not 100% sure but I believe the contact, calander and todo lists are in their own folders, you'll need them too.
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    what about the note pad items?
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    does anyone know if there is a thread anywhere on instructions to do this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nelsito
    what about the note pad items?
    files should be in the notepad folder.

    To locate the folders you need, in my computer go to the palmone folder (probably in program files on the c drive), inside your sync name folder you'll find all of the files mentioned above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nelsito
    does anyone know if there is a thread anywhere on instructions to do this?
    big work-around, don't know that you'll find any...
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    what's your status?
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    Well I am waiting for all the info so i can call the office and send me the files I need. But I need a list of the items because the person thats going to send it to is not very computer friendly. This is the reason why I need to know exactly what files..
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    You may have to try a couple of iterations. I'd first try the conents of the backup folder - if you need more, add the contents of the address, todo, calander and notepad folders.
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    Why not hotsync over your data connection? I have not done it sice the treo 300, and it was slow as hell but it sounds easier than the alternatives.

    if you have someone at your office who is computer literate it would not be hard to set up.

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    The info is probably in c:\programfiles\palmone\your user name\backup

    Copy everything here onto a card as mentioned above & then install to the 650 using filez.

    Next step is to go to and buy cardbackup & schedule backups to the card so this doesn't happen again! :-)
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