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    Your calendar, contacts, tasks, memos, and others should all be in that Backup folder, so get the entire folder and move the contents to SD and then move them from SD to RAM.
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    OK so pretty much I need them so go ahead and email me all the contents in the Backup folder, memo pad folder, todo folder, address folder and date book folder and them copy them to the sd card and then use zlaucher to copy them into the ram? right? and thats it?
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    Looks like the consensus is just the contents of the backup folder and then yes copy them to the sd card and then move them from the sd card on to your trio with a file manager.
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    Next time do a "System Reset" to clear the reboot looping problem. It's described in the manual.
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    I tried the system reset and it did nothing...
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    If contacts is all you want, you may just have somebody email you the ContactsDB-PAdd file from you computer. You can then copy this file frm the attachment to your Treo main memory (overwriting the existing file) and you should then have all your contacts.
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    If you have aol Instant Messenger where you're at, and at the office, they can IM the needed files to you and you'd have them in seconds. Then go buy a hot sync cable somewhere. Tell us where you are. Someone probably knows where someone has what you need.
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    You could go buy (probably even borrow from a local service provider) a replacement sync cable. Then load everything from your most recent backup after downloading the desktop software.
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