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    Should we be supporting companies like Mantragroup that must have the worst customer support in the world.
    I have been trying to get a response from them about my Call Shield registration for 2 weeks now.
    When I complain I get an email saying send us your hotsync id and we will respond immediately. I do and then nothing.
    I say we should kick them off the forum until they sort themselves out.
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    They are very slow to respond, IMO -- even on their own forum responses can take days and days (if they ever reply).

    I've sent PMs directly to their support on this forum (in response to questions they sent directly to me) -- and never get a reply.

    When they do reply, I've been less than satisfied with the reponse.

    By far my biggest complaint is that Causerie loses it's connection frequently when running in the background, and is not smart enough to reconnect on it's own....which makes it pretty much useless.

    Seems like that should be a standard, default feature for any IM app....and Causerie has been around long enough that it should have had it long ago.
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    I agree, Causerie is pretty much useless because it disconnects so frequently (and for no apparent reason, like signal strength or the like). One good thing about their licensing approach is that at the end of the first year, we don't have to pay again, we just kill the app. I suspect that around the 1 year anniversary of the program release, we will see a new release purporting to fix things, teasing us into considering renewing for another year.

    I will resist. I miss Chatter, it worked flawlessly as long as the Marc's server was up and running.
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    Yeah, I miss chatter.

    I think it's pretty telling that these posts have been up for about 2 weeks talking about the lack of Causerie support, and no one there has even bothered to pipe in and try to help....
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    They have a ticketing system and I opened five tickets till now. The first three and last one were answered in a day. But the last one was never ansered, later I checked using the URL they provided for the ticket. I found that it was answered but that mail did not reach me.
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    I think problem with them is the live upport they are using. I tried that and got a reply for the first time and later there were no replies from their end for the information I provided. I opened a ticket and I have sent 4 mails and got 4 replies without any notable delay. So I feel their live support is the culprit and everything will be fine if they stick to ticketing system.
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    I have a lot of issues with Causerie as a paid IM service. I never expected to have the levels of unreliability that I do with this software. To name a few:

    * Servers are unavailable. For some reason I regularly have problems logging on to the validation server. Even if I have full signal strength and have restarted the phone.

    * Messages get out of sync/go missing. It would not be difficult to give each text message a unique numeric ID and use that to make sure that the server, SMS messaging and application remain in sync. They don't do this so sometimes you get two messages, sometimes none, sometimes out of order. Also, there is the possibility of messages being archived before you have even read them. Very lame design.

    * No serious attempt to keep the connection alive. I travel on the subway a lot. It would be great if the software was designed to handle a lack of network connectivity. It doesn't. Unless you have a very short tube ride, it disconnects you at the server or on your phone. Any messages sent or received during that period are lost forever. See my comments above on syncing messages for why this is such a lame design.

    * SMS system was down for over a month. I could not send or receive IMs via SMS for about a month earlier in the year. I could still use SMS on my phone (there was no problem with any of Sprint PCS or PalmOne's technology). What am I paying these guys for.

    * Tech support is practically non existant. They appear to be more interested in pocketing your subscription fees than using the money to fund a decent technical support mechanism. Part of my reason for writing here is because I just remembered that I completely gave up on waiting for a complete answer to my last support request.

    * The log does not work properly. It has some kind of limit on how many messages you can keep. But rather than expire old ones, or give you the option to archive the log to an SD card, it just stops. So now, when the app decides to stop showing an IM you just received, you can't even get it in the log.

    For all intents and purposes I have stopped using the program. It is too risky for me to have people think they are IMing me when the messages are going into a big black hole. I would rather people call me or text message me. Heck, now that I have a case for my laptop, I just use my treo as a modem if I want to do instant messaging from the commuter train.

    I'm very disappointed with Mantra Group and Causerie. On the surface their product seemed miles ahead of Verichat and other products in terms of what I was looking for. In the end it is about as useable as the free AIM via the Sprint vision website.


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