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    I just replaced my Handspring Visor Platinum and Samsung A600 with a brand new Treo 650 from eBay. Had to go to the Sprint store to get the phone unlocked and activated, but pretty painless and it worked instantly.

    First thing I did was install the 1.12 update, as well as some apps (no hacks or anything of the sort though).

    I really like the "chat" style SMS interface but I've encountered a distressing problem already. I've had several instances with different people sending me SMS where I would either get the original message repeated 3 times, or I would get several blank messages instead of a message. Both of these people are on different carriers (Cingular and T-Mobile) but I took the step of making sure they hadn't sent any pictures or other silly gizmos with their messages.

    Has anyone else encountered this? Who should I speak to for support, palmOne or Sprint? Will I encounter support/warranty difficulties since I bought the phone off eBay?

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    same thing happens to me.. only with my treo600. i get tons of blank messages from cingular users. they've told me that often my messages come in duplicates.

    lame. any fixes? or are sms thru other carriers really this irregular?
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    I am encountering this problem on my Sprint 650 as well

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