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    I went into Delete and deleted Mail but it's still there. I am using Versamail so I don't need the default app that came with the 650.
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    So is Verizon actually shipping with an installed mail app on the 650? They didn't on the 600. Did you purchase Versamail from Palm? Versamail is the default mail app that comes with most (non-Verizon) Treos.
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    Yes, it is a preinstalled Mail app. I then installed Versamail which came on the setup cd and was free. So now I am trying to get rid of the one that came pre-installed since I will never use it.
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    You can't delete the internal apps (they're in ROM). About the best you can do is get apps that hide them so you don't have to look at them...but they'll still take up file space.
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