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    Ok, the honeymoon is over. I've had the 650 for 2 months and have found some annoying issues that I hope others have worked around

    1) I conference call a LOT. If I am talking to someone, and I get a few other people calling in, then the phone remembers that I have missed, say, 3 calls and keeps track of this for me. Ok, that seems nice. However, if after ignoring these 3 calls I decide I want to conference someone else into the call I have been on, the phone tells me I can't do it because I have missed 3 calls. WTF!!! I missed the 3 calls intentionally, and now I can't do a conf call? this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. The solution, which the phone is so proud to suggest, is to hang up completely. This means I have to call back the person I have been talking too, and THEN perform the conference call. Why this phone prevents a conf call when several missed call notices have been queued up is beyond me.

    2) the conference calling feature is very weak. For example, you cannot add a 2nd caller, then put one or the other on hold, or drop a caller. You have to hang the whole thing up and call an individual back seperately if you want to have a private discussion. Or if you want to drop a caller, you can't do this. you have to hang up. Then call back the original party, then conf in another person. ridiculous. I had a Sony Ericsson T68 3 years ago that was totally awesome (to bad it was AT&T service).

    3) there are other issues I've just run out of time. I'll be back.

    any other user grips or experiences?
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    Where the hell is OS 6 ????????

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