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    I can't upload or send pictures. I have been on the phone with sprint for rougly 6-8 hours over the past week and they have no solutions have "supposedly" set me up with a ticket twice but have not received any returned calls or solutions. I figure i should probably come to the experts; u guys! Everytime i try to send pictures i get the same message "error can't connect to online picture server". I have tried hard and soft resets, neither of which works. I can still connect to vision and surf around. Does anybody have a clue how to fix this? Any help would be great!

    Sprint PCS Treo 650
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    Yeah, I get the same dang problem. All of my attempts at dealing with Sprint on this issue were giant wastes of time. It would be nice to get this working, but I have kind of given up hope.

    Hopefully one of the experts will know what to do.



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