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    Has anybody tried to listen to ptunes in treo 650 using casette adapter? Is there any specific equalizer setting that need to be done? If I use the no equalizer option, the sound quality is worst than realplayer for the same mp3 file. Also the bass is somehow to deep (and that's without using Bass kick option)

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    I don't think I even use the equalizer setting from Pocket Tunes. I let my stereo control the settings. It sounds fine to me. Not quite as good as a CD, but it is pretty close. Make sure your casette adapter is clean or you will get terrible sound. I had that once and I simply used alcohol on the contacts and it started playing normal again.
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    sounds like a problem with your cassette adaptor.
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    The problem faded away after a day. Now the sound is better. I think the problem is with the tape head, since the casette adapter is new- probably because I had never used the tape until a day ago.
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    While I have no specific experience with PTunes and the Casette Adapter, when I used in other applications I found that the volume level was extremely important to get good sound. Try adjusting the volume level, if its too high it will clip the sounds, too quiet and you will pick up noise.

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