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    I'm trying the demos to see which one I like better.

    How do you backup what's on the card to the PC? It seems like these programs backup from the Treo to the card.

    I want everything back-upped on my Mac.
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    Of the two, I think only BackupBuddyVFS will do what you want. When you run the setup on your computer it should install a BackupBuddy conduit in your HotSync app and you can configure that to also backup what's on your card.
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    I think BB (and not BBVFS, a separate product) installs that conduit which can backup the SD card to the PC.
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    I use BackupMan and it's saved me many times. I use a card reader to backup the card. The other way is with Card Export, but I'm not sure that there is a Mac version.

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