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    I'm glad to see you are continuing to work on HTML viewing as the default for downloaded messages. The mini-browser is a reasonable workaround until it is a default option. I'm not sure how long this mini-browser interface is going to exist, but if the plan is to have it around awhile, I'd like to suggest some modifications.

    I'd like to have the mini-browser screen be able to utilize small fonts. Even if I set Chatter messages OR Blazer to use small fonts, the mini-browser won't show these. I'd also like to see the text/images scaled or squeezed to fit the screen. Right now the mini-browser opens my messages and I have to scroll left then right, then left again (and so on) to read most messages when viewed with html version. Very cumbersome.

    The last is more of a question... when Chatter tells me my html version size, prior to loading, is for example 18k, why does the mini-browser seem to be loading a significantly larger amount of data? I have had half a dozen message where Chatter tells me the size of the html version prior to loading, but then the data count at the bottom of the screen is generally 5-15x more data Why the discrepency? Also, these messages could be considerably smaller when viewed on my desktop but seem to be taking much more data to load them on the Treo. I'm confused as to why this appears to be happening?
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    There's nothing to be done with the current implemenation; it is what it is.

    The loads are larger than the apparent size because HTML often loads pictures and other elements from the web.

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    Thanks for the reply. Do you intend to keep the mini-browser interface around for a substantial amount of time before messages are designed to render the html version by default? I know this migration is on your to-do list... are we probably looking at weeks or months for this?
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    Next week for a first beta is my hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Next week for a first beta is my hope.

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    HTML support is on of those features that it is becoming more standard on emails and I just can't wait to see Chatter support for it. Marc, I hope you include all the functionality of the mini-browser, plus the optimized view, font size and an option to take the page to Blazer even if it is not the default browser. I say this because I use Xiino a lot because it is just way faster than Blazer. However, formatting sucks in Xiino.

    Thanks a lot Marc,

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    treolo - It will do exactly as Blazer would do.


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