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    Can we have a Pref added to let the user decide their default app for handling various attachments? I have multiple apps that have, as part of their functionality, image viewing, zip/unzip files. Instead of having to select which of those I would like to use for any given attachment process, can Chatter just have the option for the user to select their choice of appt to handle these in a Pref somewhere? Chatter could list all apps registered with the system that, for instance, can handle zip file attachments. The user can select from a drop down list or simply leave it as "ask each time" which is basically the setting now. Would others like to see this as well?
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    I agree with this feature request. Sounds like a very good idea.
    I too have multiple programs that can handle different files types and selecting one as a default for Chatter to use would be most handy.
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    Ok, it's on my list now.


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