I did a search, but didn't find anything directly relevant, except someone who also asked the same question.

So here goes: I want to my Treo to connect to my PC as if it were a headset, so I can use my (nice and loud) speakers and microphone. My dongle supports the audio gateway profile, and the Treo obviously supports the headset profile, so the technology is all there. And I'm using the Widcomm stack on Windows, which seems to perform well for others.

But the Treo won't display my PC in the list of headsets to connect to. It does see headset devices, and pairs with them no problem. It also pairs nicely with the computer for HotSync.

Could it be because the PC identifies itself as a Computer instead of a Headset device type? Is there a way to adjust the registry to fix that? Is there any kind of hack for the Treo to stop being smart about the kind of devices it shows in the list? Can I manually add an entry into the Treo's BT headset device database and try to force it to connect?