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    Bluetooth w/ pTunes, ringtones, basically all sounds - YES!
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    count me in!!!
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    Anyone who's speculating on whether there's an interest in getting audio through BT, check this thread: New Bluetooth Bounty - A2DP. There're a lot of people interested, both in stereo and mono, and many of them are willing to pay significant $$$ to the person who can do this. Meandean, maybe this'll help convincing your busy buddy to spend 5 minutes to tell us all how he did this, so he can collect his well deserved wealth, fame, and adoration!!
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    All of that sounds WONDERFUL! Another application that I'd like to you even *ahem* "crappy" sound quality for is to feed the voice prompts from my TomTom Navigator 5 to a bluetooth headset (especially when it's in Bike mode).

    However, this opens up a whole other can of worms with the bluetooth GPS receiver working in harmony with a bluetooth headset- so I guess asking for this might be too much.

    But if someone can do, my money is waiting!
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    audiobooks via bt (mono is fine) ... I'll contribute!

    (has anyone else been through 5 or more wired headsets that develop loose connections? pre-bt solutions?)
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    My '86 Firebird named Kit just told me that this guy was full of crap...but then again, Kit has been known to be wrong from time to time.
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    Hmmm, I guess Jeff was not able to make this work? Any news?
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    I am guessing that you can get Bluetooth Stereo Output fro a Treo relativly easy... Just hardwire a small "universal" Bluetooth audio adapter inside the Treo.
    I can be done since there is some extra space inside, but not much. I have seen it done on a Tungsten W, but to use a wireless headset not stereo headphones.
    How much are you guys willing to spend on this mod? This mod would disable the external speaker, but software like Freedom and headcold would fix it
    What do you guys think? By the way, I just joined the forum and plan on being an active member...
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    Quote Originally Posted by floater
    Hmmm, I guess Jeff was not able to make this work? Any news?
    I am making progress but have just gotten pulled in 5 different directions in the last 3 weeks. But I know I can do this and just need more time.

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    call me silly, but isn't the stereo/mono issue irrelevant since we're generally talking about headsets that go in one ear? Of course if you have a headset that you can connect to your car radio, that's somethng different, but that doesn't sound like where this thread started from.. - the latest tech news, reviews, and free hardware and software support. - Wookin' pa nub? 100% Free dating site with photo profiles and local search. - Got love, now need money? Find short term and freelance work.
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    Maybe there are stereo headsets that use bt 1.2. I dunno.
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    my former engineer associates at Broadcom (and Intel) tell me that there would be a way to get full stereo audio on the device if there was a stack and driver upgrade.

    My opinion is that it may be 'stereo-mono' rather than a true stereo, but I don't know, I'm just a hardware engineer.

    I'm also leery of doing any hardware mods - like soldering an extra power pin on the chip (if you can even get to it).

    Anyways, as I state on the other main BT forum, I'd definitely pay for stereo audio BT on my Treo.

    I'm all too familiar with (and hate) inherent design shortcomings that companies do just to hit supposed market targets and schedules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treonewbian
    call me silly, but isn't the stereo/mono issue irrelevant since we're generally talking about headsets that go in one ear? ...
    There are stereo BT headsets like this one. The holy grail here would be to use this stereo headset/phone hybrid for music, audio books and taking calls (without the dongle danglin').
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