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    I was a Palm user oh so long ago. I had that samsung i300 palm phone which I loved but had a run in with the cellular provider. I then went to PPC which I have to say that I love but when it comes to PPC phones, they're not there yet or not widely available. If they are, they are mighty expensive. So I found a good deal on the treo 650 and I'm back. With so many software options (much more than PPC) I wanted some suggestions from you guys.

    I tried MobiSystems Money yesterday and I like it but it doesnt show your daily running balance like:

    deposit 100 200

    Any app out there that allows you to see a running balance after every transaction and that is as full featured as this one?

    Most programs, eventhough they do support the 320x320 resoution, do not allow the user to use the actual full resolution. I'm talking about making the icons smaller, the fonts smaller, etc. Mobisystems money and also documents to go has this feature. Sure the fonts are real small but with this resolution it is definitely readable. Any hack that allows this or app?

    I want a program that I can use to keep record of events that have happened. With PPC, Ilium Software had an app called Recordian that allowed me to enter a record everytime I went to a concert, everytime I took a trip, everytime I did some work on my truck, etc. It allowed me to enter notes, dates, prices, etc. They don't have a Palm version so is there anything like this out there? I've seen a couple but they seem to be dedicated to only one thing like it's only made for autos, etc.

    A long time back when I had palm I used this very simple freeware program called Project _____, or something like that. It allowed me to enter some info on a project. Then it allowed me to enter into this project a bunch of todos related only to this project. Then on each todo I could attach notes. Extremely simple manager but I can't seem to find it anymore. I tried a couple yesterday but they're not the same. Suggestions?

    Also long time back when I had the palm phone there were these little programs called PQAs. When the program is entered it goes to a screen and on that screen I can enter some sort of search entry. Then when I pressed enter it would go to that website and bring back the info. For xample ebay. I entered palm and it came back with a bunch of results. I read somewhere that these no longer work with os5, but might with hacks. Do they still work? My previous palm phone was os4 I think and it worked fine.

    Minute Counter
    Since its a phone, is there an app that counts the minutes you've used? I have to wait till sunday to use my phone cause my phone number is being ported so I want to get a head start on this. I know there is one for Kyocera Verizon but is there one for Sprint?

    With PPC when you uninstalled a program it would uninstall everything related to that program, subfiles, etc. It might leave a folder but who cares about those. With Palm you have to delete the program one by one and then also guess what other files are related to that program. Is there something out there that does that for you?

    That's all I can think of right now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Your best bet would be to search around the forum since many of these topics have been covered before. A good thread to find popular apps can be found here, and a popular location to download many of the apps mentioned can be found here, where you can find them by searching or by category.

    It will take a bit of time, but I'm sure you'll be able to find everything you need (and plenty more!)

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