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    Quote Originally Posted by Geckotek
    But if you decide to change carriers......guess you might have an issue. But again, the amount and nature of the claim is also taken into consideration I believe.
    How would you have a problem with changing carriers?? No matter where you go, State Farm Insurance comes along. If you have your carrier's insurance, then you can't change any more than you could with the PAP.

    But you can sell the phone to buy your carrier's replacement...or be a bad boy and say you lost or broke your phone to get cash in hand. But the last option's not going to save your soul.
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    I have some questions, though, about this State Farm PAP (I'd have gotten it today, but couldn't due to on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - Woot!):

    (1) If I file a claim, how much is my monthly/annual cost going to go up?

    (2) Is it only annual, or is it monthly too?

    (3) Am I supposed to tell them the value of my phone when I bought it, or now?

    (4) Say I added on my laptop with a $1,500 pricetag...anybody know approximately how much that would increase the premium? I'm guessing like an additional $50 or 60, maybe??
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