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  • Snapper

    54 30.34%
  • Chatter

    84 47.19%
  • VersaMail

    29 16.29%
  • Agendus

    2 1.12%
  • Eudora

    0 0%
  • Other Full Apps

    7 3.93%
  • Wireless Sync

    2 1.12%
  • Services (like

    0 0%
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    For those of us going blind researching posts after posts, please vote for your favorite email app. Discuss only if you wish, but those who have used many - comparisons would be great.

    ---> Sorry for last bad post - gremlins got in the thread on me and didn't post the poll options!

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    Is there anything else?? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Snapper, still itchin' to go Chatter.....
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    Cingular Xpress Mail aka Sprint Busines Connect
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    Do I even need to say?
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    tried them all and nothing beat chatter
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    Chatter is awesome. You really have to use it for awhile to understand how good it really is.
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    Chatter is where it's at!
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    Without out a doubt..Marc Blanc's Chatter is the most mature and versatile palm OS email client in existence (period)
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    Chatter hands down..
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    Its just hard to beat the chatter experience...add idle, the support you get, constant upgrades, proactive developer...the list could go on for pages. ;-)
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    I can't believe that no one has mentioned Chatter yet. :-)
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    Now I'm going to tryout Chatter!
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    If you're intending to use Chatter with POP3, I'd suggest starting (or moving to) the latest Beta, which fixes some POP3 issues.

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    Thanks. Right now I'm using Snapper but I have to use VZW's outgoing server cause, for Lord knows why, I can't do authentication for my own mail server using Snapper. Otherwise I like that app. But it seems Chatter is more an app that will grow to meet our needs.

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    Pamela -

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    why is chatter so good? just curious. i use snapper and like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by voorson
    why is chatter so good? just curious. i use snapper and like it
    1. It's much cheaper than Snapper if you use push email, and if you don't the included Palm email works fine.
    2. If you have any problems you post it in the Chatter forum and Marc responds right away.
    3. New betas come out all the time and (for now) you don't have to pay for upgrades.
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    Other popular (and unique) features of ChatterEmail...

    1. Asynchronous operation (works behind the scenes, without "taking over" the Treo)
    2. Most options for mail retrieval (true push, timed, sms-triggered, or manual)
    3. Summary view (optional integration of any number of mailboxes into a single view)
    4. Fast sync'ing
    5. Background SSL operation (with Matrix SSL package)
    6. Wide variety of notification options, settable per mailbox
    7. Free upgrades always (the exception being for entirely new or otherwise unavailable functionality, and then always as an optional plug-in)

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