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    Hello Everyone:

    I recently picked up a Treo Wireless Headset and couldn't have been happier. It's comfortable and worked perfectly right after the box. Recently, however, I've noticed that the headset will work for a day or so and then my Treo will no longer connect to the headset. If I delete the headset and re-pair it with the Treo is will work again for a day or so, and then I have to repeat the re-pairing. Anybody else have this experience? Any idea what might be going on?

    Thanks: Bill
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    I've had mine since monday and so far have not had to re-pair it. I'm guessing something or some other software is corrupting your BT profiles on your Treo. My recommendation: hard reset your Treo and use it at factory default for a week to see whether you still have that problem.
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    Hey Bill, I'm having the same problem you're experiencing. I'm having probs even just deleting my current headset so I can reconnect it. How did you delete yours? Thx in advance!
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    It's happening to me also. It's a PITA to have to reconnect it everytime. I only use my Treo BT HS in my car and you can't do it driving.
    You would think it would remain paired whether you turn off the BT (to save the battery) or not.

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