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    After reading up here about Card Export 2, most current verson, I took the leap and purchased. Works well with viewing files on my Multimedia card in Treo. However, no matter what I have tried:

    - searching through the Card Export manual
    - making/attempting changes on the PC, share properties, and changing the
    "read only" attribute to the USB drive assigned to the Card Export (SD) card
    - can't find anything on the Treo to change any protect setting on the SD card to allow writing
    - There are two boxes on the bottom of the Card Export screen, a Read and a Write,
    but I can not check mark them.

    I can xfer appps to the card, from the Treo, via PowerRun and DeskTop.

    I am unable to write to the card with this app. I feel I am missing something simple.


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    No sure if you are using it right. Card Export 2 (CE2) allows you to read and write to the SD card from the PC. You connect the USB cable to the Treo and then run CE2 on the Treo. Once you click the "Connect button" the PC will see the SD card as a drive (typically E:, F: or G. At this point, you can write or delete the SD content as though it was on the PC. The Read and Write boxes are like LED lights that blink when you are reading from or writing to the SD card.

    If the SD is not allowing you to write, then eject the SD card and check the sliding lock thingy on the card.

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    Hmmm. Sounds like tou have a pirated/cracked/hacked program!!!!!
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    Thanks for the feedback. I was finally able to read/write following setting permissions within permissions on the PC side for the folderws/sharing.

    I also discovered I have a multimedia card, not an SD. There is no slide thing on it to lock the card/write protect.

    jaa6921: Nope, as I noted above, this is a purchased piece of software.



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