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    Just recieved a new upgrade from T600 to T650. Only had the handset for 2 days and suddenly it keeps turning the phone function off automatically.

    Have tried a hard reset with standard software loaded only and still keeps doing it. Orange UK are a waste of time. They wont replace because they cant confirm if it is faulty or not.

    Does anyone know how to solve this problem.

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    There were many problems with peoples phone turning off. There was a post here about a solution which is to put a piece of a buisness card in the back of your sim to hold the sim tightly in your phone. The problem might be that the sim was loose.

    Hope this helps you.

    ---- Lei
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    Wow. I think you may be right!!!!!! It took me 5 mins on this site to find a solution that orange still cant work out after 5 days.

    Thank you...

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