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    I am using Verizons Wireless sync software and Outlook 2003, but get the following error on some emails. Is there some sort of field limitation for the subject field??

    V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\Folder.cpp 8682
    Error occurred while getting email field.
    Subject of bad email: eTicket Itinerary and Receipt for Confirmation xxxxxx
    Bad email received: 6/27/2005 5:55:21 PM
    Please open this Email in MS Outlook. If you can't figure out what is wrong, you may want to delete it from MS Outlook, sync, and then undelete it.
    Unspecified error (80004005) V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\Folder.cpp 1343
    (MS Outlook reported: COM Error #80004005, Unspecified error)
    Unspecified error (80004005) V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\Folder.cpp 2353
    (MS Outlook reported: COM Error #80004005, Unspecified error)
    Error occured while getting changes, changes Processed = 1
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    I have been having the same problem and both Verizon and Intellisync have been wokring on it but still no solution. I was wondering if anyone has a fix for this?
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    Sorry to dredge up such an old topic but it was the only Google hit on the problem we were having with a 700w and wireless sync. I just wanted to post the solution in case others with this issue trip across this thread.

    The problem is caused by having Outlook in Internet Mail Only mode. Note that the wireless sync instructions tell you to use IMO mode and that makes sense for stand-alone PC's that aren't using an Exchange server. But you really need to have Outlook in Corporate Mode!

    Here are the instructions to fix this issue...

    As always, backup your Outlook data before you attempt this, just in case...

    Please note that you will need the Office/Outlook CD to complete this process.

    In Outlook delete the bad entries in the Outbox
    Then go into Tools/Options
    Select the Mail Delivery tab
    Click "Reconfigure Mail Support" button
    Select "Corporate or Workgroup" radio and click Next
    Say yes to pop-up
    Reboot PC
    Shutdown PC Monitor
    Launch Outlook and finish Install
    Remove the PC Monitor from the web account settings
    Delete the c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\syncclient folder.
    Reconfigure PC Monitor

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