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    According to this article, certain Motorola phones cause iTunes to launch and copy songs onto the phone. How difficult (or possible) would it be to create some type of hack that when a Treo is plugged in, it tricks iTunes into thinking its a compatable phone? I would think that it would be possible, but I am sure that we would need to get hold of a Motorola phone that works.

    I would be willing to help donate to this effort to get this started, as long as the software or hacks were completely open source.

    Any comments or suggestions? Thanks!
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    Does anything on the Treo play AAC files? If not, this is the first bridge to cross.
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    play AAC, but not DRM'ed AAC
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    Good point. According to the screenshot (and FYI, some commentors are claiming this may be a fake but other ources are reporting it) It says to convert higher bitrate songs to AAC. Now many people, like myself, actually don't use AAC and use Mp3's. iTunes does allow you to encode to MP3. So this could be an issue for some, but is not show stopping.
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    Update - The graphic is definately real. It was found inside the iTunes code. Any info from any Treo Hackers?
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    well if its DRMed your SOL...

    otherwise just drag and drop files to an SD card with a reader...

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    Just break the iTunes DRM. You paid for the songs and should be able to listen to them wherever you want.
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    Audible's player allows the Treo to connect to iTunes. Mounts just like an iPod. Maybe that could be a starting point?
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    Get fairplay and strip the drm.
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    can you get the audible player without signing up for the book subscription?
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    Unfortunately, there just isn't enough info to say whether or not this is do-able yet.

    Let's just forget about DRM for the time being. A little of this depends not just on making the Treo look like an i790, it also may make a difference whether or not iTunes expects there to be an iPod-like app on the other side. iTunes doesn't just send MP3 files to the iPod, it rewrites a playlist XML file and reads the playcount file from it. These files will have to exist and be in a state that iTunes expects.

    That being said, I don't think it goes through these backflips when talking to an iPod Shuffle, because the shuffle doesn't really have a UI to display a playlist. If it treats the phone like a Shuffle we may be in luck. If it treats it like an iPod, we may be hosed. That said, I have seen screenshots with playlists being displayed, so I think it is the latter.
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    Doesn't Mark/Space's program The Missing Sync for PalmOS do this?

    Take a look at:

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