I recently got a Treo 650 and already have found areas where there could be improvements and that I wish were incorporated into the unit.

1. It would be great if a program could be written, (such as easylaunch which unfortunately is a hack), which would allow for programing any of the buttons, either hardware or key board - at least some, to launch any applications that could be selected from a list. If necessary, pressing a combination of buttons and/or long or short pressing of buttons could be used to differentiate between button presses.

2. An application that would allow for renaming of applications that have weird names that are hard to remember what they are for. I don't know how many times I have loaded onto my pda, applications that have names I don't recognize and would like to change them to something I can remember. I'm surprised that Palm has not incorporated something into the palm OS to do this already. They have category renaming which is nice, but what about renaming applications to something I can remember?

3. One of the first things I noticed was that the Keyguard pop up message that pops up when the Treo 650 is turned on is too short!!!! I would like to make it a few seconds longer. So I went to Pref. and, like I figured there was no place to adjust the time delay of this pop up screen.

How hard would it have been for Palm developers to incorporate these option into their OS? These are just a few examples of things that have been overlooked by Palm developers.

If anyone knows of any applications or Hacks that will work on Palm OS V. 5, that will do these things, I would appreciate knowing about them.