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    If so, does it work better (faster) than Liberty?
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    I was kind of scared away by the cave canem:
    To get the emulation as fast as possible nearly no checks are made and the memory protection had to be switched off. This leads to a potentially very dangerous program - every single byte of your Pilots databases and programs in RAM can be overwritten! Serious and heavy testing revealed no data losses, but it's a very good idea to hotsync your databases before trying the emulator with new games until you gain confidence in the combination of emulator and emulated game.
    Thanks but no thanks.
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    Originally posted by na2rboy
    If so, does it work better (faster) than Liberty?
    It is slightly (but noticeably) faster than Liberty, but has problems displaying grayscale graphics properly and has a much clunkier interface. Since I'm already a registered user, I'm sticking w/ Liberty.
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    Has anyone used PalmBoy AND had the above mentioned problems? I'm really tempted to try it out, but I NEED my data.

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    I tried out liberty and 2 days later I had to do my first hard reset... beware!

    P.S. It was slow as hell too, even when overclocking to the max.
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