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    I am having some difficulty with winhand transferring files to my treo650. I have no problem logging on, locating files etc. The instructions say to "right click" on the file, but how does one do that with the 650 and no mouse. How do you enter the right click? Can anyone walk me through how to transfer a file? I have subscribed to the service,so the availability to do that should be there. Thanks.
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    I think its the second hard key (Calendar).
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    Well, I have found the "mouse key" as you have described (and thanks for the help) but am still having trouble copying files and then transferring them. Obviously, there is something here I am just not getting and could use some help. I can easilty identify a file to transfer on my remote pc. If I tap it with my stylus (lets say it's a word document) it merely just opens the file (as one would expect.) How would I get this file to the copy mode and then paste as indicated by the winhand site?
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    Well, I figured it out and I must say, it's pretty amazing once you get the hang of it. A great assett to the treo650. Again, MVT, thanks for your help.
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    I agree the file transfer thing is great, and easy. It needs better instructions for the Treo, though - it took me a while to figure it out.

    As MVT indicates, you need to repeatedly push the "calendar" button until the right button on the mouse is highlighted. Then just tap on the file with the Treo's stylus to "right click" it. Push the calendar button again to switch back and forth between the left, middle, and right mouse buttons.

    Transferring files is very quick and easy. Now if I could just get Docs to Go to sync correctly again...
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    I have a solution.

    Ditch the guerrilla marketeer's app and use SMBmate for free:
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