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    I went to the Handpsring site and saw that the new Palm Desktop supported Windows 2000 and Windows Millenium.
    Proceeding on, the instructions given were not for Windows 98, which I have on my computer.

    Now I'm confused...

    Is my computer not eligible/applicable for this update?
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    The Upgrade should work with your Windows 98 amd even Windows 95 for that matter. It was enhanced to work with the newer versions of Windows.
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    I'm running 98 and the upgrade went just fine. I had absolutely no problem with the download or installation. I really doubt that I "needed" the upgrade, but hey - I wouldn't have a Visor if I wasn't into this kind of stuff, right?
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    It should be noted though that if you have installed the latest version of pocket mirror Handsprings update will knock it for six.

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    Upgraded on my Win95 machine at work (company standard, don't ask). Hotsync now searches for a valid user, and can't find me! I took the precaution of saving out my user directories out of the /PALM directory. I then copied them back after runnig into the problem, but it still can't find me. Going back to my original version.

    Don't ask me why I upgraded... Just letting you all know that if it 'taint broken, don't try to fix it...
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    If you aren't working with Windows 2000 or ME is there any advantage to the upgrade?
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    Originally posted by L
    If you aren't working with Windows 2000 or ME is there any advantage to the upgrade?
    In a word -- No.
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    I did upgrade Palm Desktop last night, but I don't really see any difference. Does any know of what was fixed or improved in the upgraded version?
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    Many months ago I downloaded the palm desktop onto my 2000 server box at work and it works fine, I'm not sure that anything was really updated.
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    Palm™ Desktop Updater for Windows
    This upgrade fixes 3 main problems related to the HotSync Manager and its interaction with some computers. These issues are:

    Some computers with Windows 2000 installed cannot synchronize with Palm handhelds via the infrared port. This problem is related to changes in Windows 2000 IR configuration. HotSync manager has been updated to accommodate these changes.
    Some computers with Windows 2000 installed may not undock properly if an older version of HotSync manager is running on the computers.
    On some computers, Windows may lock up if the Hotsync Manager is running and the cradle is connected to the computer.
    NOTE: This software is for Palm™ branded handhelds ONLY. Contact the original manufacturer for your handheld to address these problems for non-Palm branded Palm OS™ products.

    The above is directly from the Palm Web page describing the change/update to the Palm Desktop 3.1. Handspring probably tweaked it for USB and that should be the only difference.
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    Originally posted by virgilio
    Does any know of what was fixed or improved in the upgraded version?
    I can tell you about one change. The backup conduit has been improved. If you use Backup Buddy or some other alternate backup conduit you will not care. For the rest of us ...

    The backup conduit works by copying to the Backup directory any file on the Visor which has the backup bit set and does not have a conduit of it's own.

    Before this update, any files that were later deleted from the Visor would remain in the Backup directory. This causes problems if ever one looses the Visor’s contents and has to do a full restore. Files that were long since deleted reappear. The new conduit however will move any Visor deleted file from the Backup directory to the Archive directory, thus avoiding this problem, but still allowing recovery if one did not mean to delete the file.
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    Me thinks Palm or Handspring broke the MAPI Mail conduit in 3.1

    If the Mail conduit is set to "Desktop overwrites Handheld", the HotSync Manager writes an entry that states "Mail synchronization failed"-- but it does appear the mail does get copied from the desktop to the handheld.

    Using the "Synchronize the files" action, all appears OK (but that's not how I use mail :-)

    Uninstalling the Palm Desktop and reinstalling the 3.01 Desktop doesn't have this problem....

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