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    I just recently installed a trial version of Causerie. I like the program (not as much as verichat though) but I noticed that ever since I installed it, and have it running in the background, I miss most of my calls. The caller says that it doesnt even ring, just goes directly to voicemail.

    I also have to do a soft reset 2-3 times a day now, mostly the phone freezes when dialing from the call log, or when I make a call and hang up, it freezes at hanging up.

    Anybody experience similiar problems?
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    I had similar problems when I was evaluating IM programs. I bailed on Causerie for the lockups that you are seeing after a day. I checked out Verichat and wanted to give Causerie a full 15 days to see if the problems went away. But was locked out when I reinstalled the file. They must put the time bomb somewhere in a system .pdb (probably pref's). I e-mailed their CS asking for a trial license or way to evaluate the software and never heard back. Others seem to have good experience with it, but I surely did not. YMMV.
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    The latest version of Causerie for Palm is now available. Downlaod it from the forum website of MantraGroup. Visit the following website for the details.

    The support team of MantraGroup are back.

    You can send queries as ticketing mails at

    Mantra Group Support:

    Live chat is also available through the Causerie IM's with the help of your handheld device.

    And also live chat is possible through the home page of MantraGroup. Visit the below webpage and click on the "Online" logo for live chat.

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