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    I'm unable to get my versamail working right because of my ignorance. I'm new with the 650 and I a unsure exactly what to put for what areas when doing the set up for the Versamail. To be more specific, I have cox as my e-mail provider. I don't know what to put for Incoming Server and Outgoing Server. I believe that's where the problem lies. ANy help would be useful. Thank You
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    If you setup Versamail on your phone, when you pick the Mail Service, Cox East, West and Central are options. Depending on worse case with some experiementing or if you no which best applies to you (since you might have service from San Diego or Baton Rouge) it should automatically populate that correctly.
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    I am sure _everyone_ already knows this, but I didn't figure it out until I was having a problem, and then actually got the manual for versamail, and read it.

    When you install versamail on the computer you are syncing your Treo to, it installs an application to "automagically" configure your email. Under Start>Programs>Palmone you will find a versamail setup program. It will go out to your PC and get the settings for all email accounts listed in both Outlook and Outlook express. Found all 5 on my PC and magically installed them. There is a test feature in the setup software to ensure it is functional before you sync.

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