I've noticed that with my Innopocket case, the sound seems a lot quieter than it does directly from the palm, and I've had the idea for a while to do something to 'direct' the sound better, such as with normal cellphone covers that have little pads or such around the earpiece on the outside.

So at work today I found an old mouse pad (not too thick, not super thin) and carefully as could be cut it with a pair of scissors, and after a bit of adjustment I got it to not get stuck out the top of the case, not covering the earpiece inside, and not covering the LED, but I have it now.

The result is I think the sound is clearly..clearer. Might be better to do it with a small, sharp pair of scissors, I think I'll attempt to do a better job (or maybe clean what I did up) when I get home, but in 5 minutes I proved to myself that the sound could be improved this way. I figure once I get it the shape I want, I'll use a few drops of glue to attach it to the neoprene inside the case (certainly not on the Treo

Anyone else ever tried this? I dunno how many times I've had to pop open the case in the car to hear a caller, hopefully this will help!