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    The 1.12 update failed because I lost A/C power during the process. Not a big problem, because everything still works with V1.08.

    However, I went from 13megs of available memory down to 5.5megs or so. Thus, I no longer have the required 11megs to do the update.

    Question-are there files I can delete that were installed to the Palm, but not taken off due to the failure? If so, how do I identify them?

    It looks like I can delete a number of TREO650* files (type=hROM). Is that correct? Are there other files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    Lesson learned from the 600 update days...

    backup your treo

    hard reset

    do the update under a new user name..."install" or something like that

    hard reset after update

    restore under regular user ID

    follow these great instructions from post #35

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