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    Help! Ever since I had my computer drive reimaged and had to reload my Treo 650 software (Cingular), I've had synching issues between my Palm and desktop, using Microsoft Outlook. First, there was a driver issue with my USB connection, which I still haven't been able to resolve. So, I'm synching through I/R (ouch!). Also, my computer used to automatically load my Hot Synch manager, but now I have to do it every time I log in and then sometimes it just disappears during the day and I need to reload. But the biggest pain is that I can't get my calendars to synchronize.

    Every time I go to the "custom" settings on the Hot Synch Manager, it's turned to "do nothing". I'll change it for the current synch and even set "synchronize the files" as the default, but it keeps changing back. When I do synchronize after making the change, sometimes it just blows through "Calendar" in the synch window, so I know it's not doing anything; other times "Calendar" will be up in the synch window for a while, as if it's really working, but after the entire process, no changes to my Palm or Desktop.

    I've made sure I downloaded the latest "fix" from the Palm site (Outlook conduits for PalmOne update), and I've called Palm. They said I need a new disk, which doesn't sound right. Then they told me to call Cingular customer (no) support to order the disk, which sounded even worse. After getting hung up on twice, Cingular told me that I needed to contact Palm. I'm at wits end... any thoughts or suggestions??

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    You should be able to add a short cut to the Hotsync Manager to your startup folder, that would get it to load everytime your computer starts up.

    If it's just calendar that's not working, it sounds like you may have setup a Exchange ActiveSync profile to sync mail with your outlook server. When you use Exchange ActiveSync it doesn't sync your calendar with the outlook desktop anymore, but does it everytime you sync your mail directly to the server. If that wasn't your intention, I believe you need to delete the Versamail profile that is using Exchange ActiveSync and then you should be able to synch with Outlook on the desktop.
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    As far as having to Start the Hot Sync Mgr every time, I think you can fix it by Opening Palm Desktop--> Choose Hot Sync Setup--> Select the "Always Available" radial button. This should start Hot Sync whenever you start the machine.

    As for the calendar not syncing I think I'll be even less help here. I bought Chapura pocket mirror and once I set it up I have never had sync issues again (except for the plug/connectors getting dusty and not wanting to connect, but I don't think it would be related to this issue.
    Good luck,
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    Will give it a try... much appreciated!!

    UPDATE: OK, I may now be in trouble... when I deleted the Exchange ActiveSync profile (which I wasn't using anyway but had tried to set up) I lost everything on my handheld calendar, which I THINK I can recreate from desktop and other sources. However, it also seems to have deleted all of my phone numbers off of my SIM card. That sucks. I synched again and it spent a long time on the "calendar" function, but still no changes to my calendar. and, the manager is still reseting the custom functions to "do nothing" for calendar. I'm afraid to change anything on my Palm desktop.... will I lose info from my Outlook??
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    Quote Originally Posted by David I.
    However, it also seems to have deleted all of my phone numbers off of my SIM card.
    Don't know how this could have been affected by deleting the versamail account, but in the contacts app, choose preferences and make sure that you have Show SIMPhonebook checked.
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    I'd set all the conduits to PC overwites handheld before I playd with it anymore. I'd hate for the one time it did something to be it overwites Outlook. All these problems, I'd download the free trial of pocket mirror just to see if it works better. You may find it worth the $20 (I did).

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