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    Who wants to be my new best friend?? I just bought a 650 and am sorta lost in terms of software. I know that I want a new contacts list format. I am not crazy about the way the call log and dialer functions and the alarms/calendar functions could be easier to get to. I also am not sure about which microsoft software to get -- i basically want Word. The versamail isn't working with my AOL account (my fault, I imagine) and I am not liking the way yahoo messenger works on my phone. Does anyone know of a user-friendly way of finding out must-have software and the best ways to get it etc? Or individual recommendations based on above needs. And how does everyone fair with no analog?

    The damned sprint guy convinced me that the treo was worth the money--and I do and did like it. I just didn't get a chance to research the options beforehand so I feel lost. Grr.

    Any help would make me very happy.

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    Spend some time here in the forums. Check out a thread called something like 'Treo new users forum recommendations'. Tons of info their.

    I will leave the Docs2go information for Perry.

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