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    Can anyone tell me if when Agendus is installed will it replace the native contact manager. I currently have the preferences set to search the contact manager when you start typing, can Agendus be set to be the default contact manager?
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    As far as I know, not completely, unfortunately. But you can remap the button to Agendus->Contacts. Repeat presses will cycle thru the categories.
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    It does not replace it but it does use the same database files as the native contacts program.
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    HI all

    Looking for some advice from Agendus Pro users ....

    i previously used agendus on a sony clie about 2 years ago and quite like it .... after some time using a ppc i am now (mostly) happily using a treo 650 and am interested in using agendus again ....

    looking thru all the threads here it seems that there are quite significant stability issues with agendus on the treo at the moment and so i am a bit worried about agendus messing up my treo and decreasing its usability with constant resets etc

    i have a gsm treo with the latest firmware rom upgrade (downloaded from the aussie palm site ) ... and it would be pretty much a "start from scratch " install of agendus

    can any users .. esp those with the recent gsm upgrade comment on their experiences with agendus the treo .. ie is it generally working ok ..... or lots of crashes and resets etc mainly in regard to the stability etc of the program on the treo ....

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    Been using AgendusPro for 7 months - absolutely zero resets cause by this program. Mind you, it is configured not to handle the alarms and I use Snapper for e-mail - all else works perfectly for me. I combine it with 2day and TakePhone to bring it to perfection (Sprint CDMA though)
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    thanks for the quick reply t2d4 ...

    i had a look at the agendus support user forums and it really scared me a bit ... it seemed that there was lots of problems occurring for (mainly) treo users ... but then i guess that to a certain extent , that's the nature of that type of forum .. so i thought that i would try to get a more "balanced" view from agendus users here at T|C ...

    can i ask what version of agendus you use, ... there was some suggestion over at the agendus forum that a prev version was more "compatable" with the treo, .. i think it was version 8 that was specifically recommended ... but it seems crazy not to use the latest, more featured version if possible ...

    also do you use the agendus desktop version as well .... and if so .. how has that been working ...

    and finally .. do you use agendus email ... and any comments as to it's performance on the treo

    thanks for taking the time ... your thoughts are greatly appreciated

    any others with comments on the agendus compatability and stability on teh treo with the latest firmware updates
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    My two cents.
    Agendus 9.05

    The only problems I've had with the 9.xx versions has been with mail\SMS. It would crash my Treo uopn recieving a text. Since I used Snapper at the time (Chatter now), I deleted Agendus Mail, and no more problems. It's one of the most stable apps I have now.

    Don't use the desktop version, sync everything with Outlook.

    This is also with a Sprint 1.12 phone. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Ditto on the version 9.05

    I do not use the desktop - I sync with the Palm desk top and a Goldmine conduit - no problems with either.

    I do not use agendus mail - when I was trialing Agendus I attempted to but it was buggy. As soon as I went to Snapper, bugs went away.
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    thanks for the feedback folks ..... your opinions are greatly appreciated

    any comments from other agendus users .......
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    I do use the desktop; been using it for several months and thus far I have had no problems; syncs nicely.
    Been using Agendus Pro 9.05 since it came out; first on the 600, now the 650 and I've encountered no problems.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    hi all ..

    thanks for your help and input on installing agendus ... so far so good ..... but just a couple of issues that i am trying to resolve ....

    1. I now have the latest version of agendus installed.... including the desktop component ... it is set to sync to both outlook and the palm desktop ...

    when i have outlook open ... on the LHS panel under personal folders there is an agendus folder .... when i click on the contacts sub-folder within that section i noticed that all my contacts birthdays are listed in the monthly view with a little cake icon ... which is really great ...

    but for the life of me i can't seem to get this info to sync over to the treo ... these "birthday" icons are not showing up in the regular outlook calendar view on the pc either ... any ideas on if and how i can get this info over to my treo other than by manually adding them individually ... do i need to specifically map an agendus field to birthday?...

    2. sometime ago i saw a post here that repeatedly listed 3 or 4 things ways that agendus should or should not be configured to minimize it causing crashes ... maybe cause its late here in Au ... but for the life of me i cannot seem to find this post ... i have tried to search on a variety of criteria ... but just can't seem to find it ... does anyone know what i'm talking about ?

    3. i also tried to install the set of apps from the gotreo site ie .... profile care ...powerup ... display hotsync id ... BT mute ... it badly crashed my treo, causing it to lock up into an endless reset loop ... i had to do a zero reset in the end ... ( the treo only had agendus {+ docs 2 go installed on the card } installed at the time ) ... these are i think, highly regarded apps ... has anyone else had any problems with these apps and agendus ... is there a list anywhere of apps that do and don't work well with agendus ...

    phew ... lots of questions .... thanks again for the help ...i think that i am getting there!
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    If people aren't using the email function why spend the xtra money on Agendus Pro vs the Std edition? I am looking for a better calendar and ToDo list and hope Agendus can solve the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDMTREO
    If people aren't using the email function why spend the xtra money on Agendus Pro vs the Std edition? I am looking for a better calendar and ToDo list and hope Agendus can solve the problem.
    Is email the only difference between agendus standard and pro? I ask because agendus users have convinced me to get it but I just got chatter mail so I don't need the mail part.

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    There are a few other differences, but I am not sure they are worth the money
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    This is a comparison between Standard and Pro

    There are several other differences and email is not necessarily an issue. The email portion is seperate download for Agendus and as such, if you use the Pro version, and opt to use another mail client - it's (agendus mail) is not taking up space.

    Personally, the wireless capabilities of the Pro version are worth it so scroll through the whole comparison to see those features. They are at the bottom of the page.
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