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    Hey Gang! I don't have a ton of apps on my Treo (yet) but am down to only 8mg of space on the device. I have a 128m SD card I got for free from Palm and tend to store my media and docs to go files on it. I have done a few uninstalls due to a crash or two I have had. Also, any new programs I get I try to install to the SD card to save space.

    I have tooled around the forums a bit and have seen people with a gazillion apps on the card and still have plenty of room on the device. I know zLauncher and Power Run seem to be popular apps for managing files. I have Filez installed but, honestly, am afraid to really mess with anything for fear of deleting something I shouldn't.

    I am not really familiar with having a Palm with a card so I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of some detailed threads, apps, or tips/tricks I could use to save space on the device and/or move more info over to the card.

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    Search for pretty good and its very customizable.
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    Do I need to worry about left over files when deleting off the device or card? I know when you uninstall something through windows, there is always a fear of stray files that the uninstall program didn't catch. Is there such a thing as an uninstall manager for Palm?
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    Using Docs to Go? Here you go. Save 4mb.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Check out Uninstall Manager is the site I think. Only works for apps you install after installing uninstall manager so sometimes a hard reset followed by installation of uninstall mgr then the rest of the apps is a way to go
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    In Zlauncher, hold down the stylus on an icon. Then select "Move to Card". Zlauncher will load the app from the card but it will appear as if it's on the internal memory. Here's silverado's thread on the topic:
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    Steps to saving ram:

    1) make sure you have the latest firmware installed with NVFS fix etc

    2) use memory manager app like zlauncher, powerrun, launcherX, tealalias etc to move most apps to card

    3) use uninstall app like Northglides to keep ram clear of junk

    4) use dataviz tech tool to move most DTG files to card

    5) save pics/vids from cam to card to increase space

    6) select clear cache on exit in blazer to keep ram free

    7) avoid installing unecessary junk on treo keep device clean and reset free

    8) Use 3rd party compression util like FileZip XR , Resco to compress and archive apps on treo

    Doing most of these things I still have nearly 12 MB ram free on my Treo despite having over 150 apps installed...
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    Thanks for all the tips. I am taking a look at the Uninstall Manager/Cleanup pack now. Between zLauncher and PowerRUN, which do you think it better? Are they the same thing? There seems to be a ton of zLauncher fans on TC.


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