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    Can I hear some votes on what you think is the best encoder concerning lipsynch?I've been using Pocket Divx Encoder and it's great and easy, but the lipsynch is always off and it's driving me up a wall.

    I've heard recode is good.

    Anyone getting great lipsync on thier movies?

    Thanks much,
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    not a peep? no one gets good encoding? Does eveyone's movies have badly synced audio?

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    I have tried many, many different software combinations (some free some not) and absolutely nothing matches using Nero Recode and TCPMP!! Many others prduce a result that seems OK, but that is only true until you compare with Recode. Another that is just about to be released with a Treo 650 update is "Lathe" from this produces an AVI file that is almost as good as recode. I fly cross country and back just about every weekend thsu watch two movies on the Treo, using either Bose headset or Shure earphones (E5c's) and couldn't be more pleased!
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    Thanks for the tip on recode.
    I was looking for a good program to do this and came across your post.
    I already own Nero and never knew it could do this.
    Works really great!

    Whats even better is it will take video right from a DVD.

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