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    I downloaded core TCPMP and have tried to play an mpeg and an avi, but neither are compatible. what format do i need to upload to my phone? or do i have to convert?
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    Did you make sure to install the appropriate plugin(s) for the file format(s) you want to play? Each type of file has a plugin associated with it, which have to be installed in addition to the TCPMP .prc file. They're all in the TCPMP .zip file.
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    Yes but there's not an avi plugin in the zip. and the mpeg file i uploaded still dont work, it must not be an mpeg1 or mpeg4 cuz thats the only mpeg plugins i see in the zip
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    I don't think you'll actually see a .avi plugin in the .zip because it's not a true codec in and of itself. For example, I can play .avi files with TCPMP, though it doesn't always play the associated sound. That's because AVI is a "container" that contains both an audio and video codec, and whatever you play the .avi with has to be able to interpret both the audio and video codecs contained within the .avi. So I have been able to play many .avi files because the codec contained within is either MPEG-1 or MPEG-4, but once in a while I'll get an "audio codec not supported" message from TCPMP because the audio portion of the .avi doesn't have a corresponding TCPMP plugin. In many cases, though, I have been able to play the audio just fine because the underlying audio within the .avi is MP3 or AAC, for which TCPMP provides plugins.

    As far as not being able to play your MPEGs, are they MPEG-2? I have not tried playing such a file, but other MPEGs have been playing fine for me.

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