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    I'm debating whether to get an unlocked 650 or a Cingualr blue one. Since the low volume problem is well documented with the unlocked version, can anyone tell me if the Cingular blue one has the same problem. I ran a search but didn't really come up with answers.

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    What I can tell you is that the answers are pretty much mix. Some say it's fine, some say it's just barely able to hear... For mine unlocked Cingular 650 on 1.13/01.28 personally it was acceptable volume depends on how loud you really want it.

    So yes either will work, but if you still think it's too quiet, try the VolumeCare, it almost blew my eardrum out when the first time I have it on max and called someone.

    There's always a way to work around things and good luck!
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    I have a CIngular Blue phone and no problems with volume. HAven't heard many other experiences, though. Maybe I'm just lucky.
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    Get VolumeCare from

    $9 and you'll never worry about volume again. Lot's of posts in other topics on this board about it. The developer posts here often and is great. Be sure to get the latest version 2.15
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    I also have a "blue" 650 and no volume issues.
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    I have a blue 650 as well. I think earpiece volume could be better (it's acceptable, but not the best). Testing out VolumeCare and it seems to help, especially when in the car or somewhere noisy.
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    I have Cingular Blue (unlocked) and agree with Scotty, It's not terrible, but I certainly think it could be better.
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    i have a cingular blue treo 650 and the volume level is fine. i tried the unlocked version and it's volume was totally unacceptable.
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    I have blue and volume is very low. Got Profile Care and that helped a lot.

    I should add...I am almost deaf / does that matter?
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