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    A few questions for those of you that are in the know.

    Does the readylink option work with the Treo's (600, or 650)?

    Since the merger with Nextel, will all Sprint readylinkers be able to "talk" with all Nextel DCers?

    Curious. I know know much about RL or how it works with Sprint. My bro has Nextel DC, and loves it.
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    No. Nextel and Sprint are two different network technologies.
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    Not positive on this, but I thought I read somewhere that Nextel would be converting over to CDMA network and the walkie talkie feature would be enhanced on the CDMA more direct connect. But I could be wrong.
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    Yeah I also read the same thing, Nextel will convert to CDMA, not sure about the talkie thingy.....
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