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    I am having troubles while surfing the internet, when I try to click on a specific picture within an online picture album, it does not display the picture. What happens is, it seems to start to download the picture, but then I quickly get an "X" in the upper left hand corner and nothing ever shows up. Has anyone else experienced this? I have checked my settings and honestly, this was the first time I have tried to view an online photo album so maybe the treo just isnt made for this type of internet viewing. Thanks in advance for your feedback/suggestions.

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    Running out of browser cache memory? Maybe try clearing cache?
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    I've cleared my cache, even have the "clear cache on exit" box checked. My memory limit for storing pages is 3MB. On the "general" tab, there are no boxes checked either. I may have to contact Cingular again but I am dreading sitting on hold for another 45 minutes. Thanks for your reply.
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    It may depend on how the image is to be displayed. From your PC, you should check if the image is displayed on the page in a standard way or maybe it's using javascript. The browser on the Treo supports some javascript, but not all of it's capabilities.

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