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    OK, this has happened twice so I'm going to think there's something more here than random chance. I'm going to jot things down here very informally... no dissertations.

    Here's the symptom: the phone reboots. Afterwards, it ends up at a blank lock screen (owner information removed) and makes you enter your security code. Saved Preferences is gone, and possibly unsaved prefs too.

    Here's what happened the first time:

    I went to bed about midnight. When I woke up, there was a datebook alarm telling me that I was already late for a meeting. Again (but that's beside the point). When I closed it, the phone rebooted, and... [refer to symptom above]. The only "thing" that happened was the 3:05 maintenance run that Snappermail launches. So I immediately blamed Snappermail.

    The second time was this afternoon. Driving along trying to do a "get" with Versamail (had uninstalled Snappermail by that time). The app hung for quite a long time. When it came out of hypersleep, I pressed the "application" icon. The phone reset and ... [insert symptom described above]

    My 1.08 ROM was one of the minimal's from Shadowmite's site. So I did my 1.12 upgrade right over the top of it. I seem to remember doing a 3-finger-1-stylus salute before upgrading (I've done that on several but none had Shadowmite's stuff).

    Here's what I'm planning on doing: First, charging the phone fully. Then flattening the phone all the way back to 1.04 factory ROM. Then applying the 1.12 upgrade. Then letting it sit for a period of time before reinstalling all apps from scratch.

    I have saved BackupMan's of everything--pre event (backup at midnight last night) and post event (immediately following).

    I have several things that hook stuff in the o/s to include: zLauncher, mSafe (which makes me nervous because the phone is auto-locked when it relaunches... I have it booby trapped to lock when the 2GB SD card is removed), Uninstall, Screenshot, Power Up (which launches in a default-but-configured state), KBLights, and a bunch of other apps.

    I may think of other stuff.

    Anybody else had any problem like this? Anybody run a subset of the stuff I run on 1.12?
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    Here's somebody over on with a similar issue.,16050.0.html
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    I didn't read the other posted thread, but I have read about Sprint 1.12 users complaining that after the upgrade the phone will not recognize the SD card. If you have an app the locks the phone when the SD is absent, then this could be related to you issue. I'd try removing the mSafe and see if that doesn't make it go away. If it does, make sure you let palm know their crazy *** bug is causing you serious usability problems. Anyway just my 2ยข. Good luck!
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    I haven't had that particular problem. BUT. The first thing I did was to reformat the card on the Treo 650 AFTER doing the 1.12 upgrade. I have a 2G SanDisk Ultra II.
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    Here's the latest. I downgraded, then upgraded to 1.12. Then zeroed out, sync'd, reinstalled a bunch of stuff--less mSafe. I've not seen the anomaly happen, but I have seen a couple of weird things:

    First, occasionally the phone hangs (delays, doesn't lock up the phone) while in a call. For instance, if I'm at an IVR prompt, trying to enter touch tones, the phone won't respond immediately (may delay 30 seconds to a minute). Or if I try to add a bluetooth headset connection to an already built-up call, it will fail. When this anomaly happens, the Treo will simply not respond to anything.

    I have Versamail set to sync at 1 hour intervals, pop3 on 3 accounts. I can't rule out an active Versamail sync process yet.

    With respect to a "spontaneous SD card" unmount or other card access problem, I'm not seeing any indication that this is happening.

    My 12 year old son is on a cross country youth trip with his Treo 650 (yes, that's correct, a 12 year old with his own Treo 650... what concerns me is that my 8-year old daughter has asked for a 650 for her birthday in September and I'm actually leaning toward granting that request . I flashed it to 1.12 before he left. I'll give him the 3rd degree when he gets back. He's pretty observant, so he'll let me know if there has been any weirdness.
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    I've got a quick question. What is this 3:05 snapper maintenence that you're talking about? Is it an AM thing? And is it something you programed or is it something that snapper does automatically?

    Both my husband and my treo's light up at 3AM and we've been trying to figure out for months what it is. I would be so thrilled to know that this is what it is, as we both have snapper and it's been driving me nuts.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yeah, there's a programmed maintenance run that executes in the wee hours. In the later versions of Snappermail, you can change this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeGuru
    Yeah, there's a programmed maintenance run that executes in the wee hours. In the later versions of Snappermail, you can change this.
    Hmmm, thanks.
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