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    They have done it. Quite possibly the Holy Grail of all features. You can now transfer files WIRELESSLY to and from any pc you have connect to Win-Hand. I have been stuck some where plenty of times when I wish I could transfer pictures, music, or palm applications from my computer which is at home.. Before I would have to wait till I got home to Hotsync the files to my Treo, but according to Win-hand I will not have to wait till I get home any more.

    I can only imagine the possibilities since with Win-hand you can remotely manipulate your computer to download files from the internet unzip them and tranfer them to your Treo even if you are on trip thousands of miles away. Thats too bad that they they charge a monthly fee I'm extremely tempted now. Check it out.
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    Couldn't you already do this by e-mailing the file to yourself and then opening it with your Treo?
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    This is going to be a killer application once the EV-DO Treo gets released. In the mean time, it is just OK because of the latency.

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    Yes, but you would have to have someone at the PC email it to you (assuming you are not there).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    Yes, but you would have to have someone at the PC email it to you (assuming you are not there).
    Actually not, using the original Win-Hand you controlled the PC from your Treo allowing you to complete the sending of email, etc.
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    I already have this feature without Win-Hand. It's called Sprint Business Connection. Works great at obtaining documents from my PC.
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    I believe you can also use MobileFile from the makers of Quickoffice. I tried the demo and it worked great without no monthly fees. I was able to transfer any file from my PC to my Treo. I may purchase this . No intentions of buying software that you have to pay a monthly fee for. Ridiculous .I can use this amd PalmVNC
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    This feature is nice, although as others have pointed out, there are other ways around it -- the most important feature of the new update is the ability to get to your computer, REGARDLESS of the firewalls it is behind. You no longer have to go to or some other ip service if your ip changes, AND you can unlock your pc remotely. Both are big wins in my book. I used the previous version and thought it was only ok... tried the winvnc and got it to work, but when I moved the laptop, I always had to go through contortions to get it back so win vinc could see it. All of that is gone now! I'm pretty happy, needless to say. I bought the license before they did all sorts of weird things, pricing and feature-wise, but now, with this update, I'm a permanent user!
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    Win-Hand is a great program, but I couldn't let a Win-Hand thread go by without pointing out the rediculous pricing system and the way that it happened.

    I guess I'm just still annoyed by the fact that I became dependent on it and then one day when I needed it, it didn't work anymore---all without an email notifying users. I actually spent time with the developer so that he could debug a few things too along the way, but still no email letting me know the structure had changed...
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    I agree the pricing is terrible. This new feature did tempt me but wasnt enough to pay over 100 dollars per year! Cut it in half and maybe. There was a Poll I posted here once but not enough people responeded, I wanted to know how many treocentral members are paid Win-hand users and if its worth it.
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    Win-hand was offered for free at one point, then the developer yanked the plug on all of these users and started charging exorbitant prices for the app and service.

    This type of Gorilla marketing should NOT go unnoticed.

    I have all of this functionality with PalmVNC, SMBmate, and MergicVPN. Both PalmVNC and SMBmate are free:

    MergicVPN has a reasonable one time fee:
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