After upgrading the firmware in my Sprint Treo 650 and upgrading to Tiger, I had a disaster. All contacts and calendars were lost on the Treo and I was unable to Sync from my Powerbook.

Reinstalling Palm Desktop from the CD and then updating to the latest software, 4.3.1 Rev B, did not help. I kept getting a message from iSync that it could not install the iSync conduit into HotSync. Many hours of frustration followed, with no success.

I finally discovered that the update to the Palm Desktop software was not allowing the iSnyc conduit to be installed. Very strange. The fix was to 1)reinstall the Palm Desktop software from the CD, 2) Open iSync 2.0 and install the iSync conduit into HotSync (enabling Palm Devices), 3) Upgrading Palm Desktop to 4.3.1 Rev B for better Tiger compatibility.

Obviously, this is a Palm glitch, which I hope they fix soon.