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    Sorry if I missed another post somewhere, but with the new ROM I'm able to listen to RealPlayer or Audible.COM books through the normal Treo headset now. Sure, it's not stereo, but this is great for the AudioBooks and you don't have to switch headsets when a call comes in. This didn't work on previous ROMs, did it?

    Anybody notice similar on other applications?

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    Hey, you're right!! I think it must be for all sound producing apps. PocketTunes and MMPlayer also work, as do playing ring tones from the regular ring tone manager. Boy, it's too bad this didn't work this way from the beginning, it could have saved me buying that Seido switchable headset.

    Now, if only it would do the same for a Bluetooth headset!!
    - Dan Butterfield (
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    I noticed it when I had the headset in my ear one day and was trying to change a ringtone setting. The ringtone almost blew my ear off...

    I haven't tried it with the bluetooth headset. Anyone know if that works now as well?
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    As I expected, it didn't work with the bluetooth headset

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