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    So many threads on which bluetooth headsets are best it is getting too diluted to find what I need. The main problem with these bluetooth headsets is they do not autoconnect anymore since 1.08 update! Since 1.12 they don't either. Well The Sony Ericsson HBH-300 does autoconnect but the volume is WAY low! So can you kind fellow Treo users tell me:

    Which bluetooth headsets auto-connect with a Sprint Treo 1.12 firmware?

    Of those headsets that auto-connect, which is loudest?

    Thnak you all.
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    I am the proud new owner of a Logitech Mobile Pro. It may not be the most fashionable headset on the market, but it connects beautifully, the volume is great, and most of all, it's actually very comfortable to wear.

    I used to use the HBH 660, which i also liked, but it wasn't full duplex, so once the logitech came out, i had to try it.
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    So the logitech blows te 660 away? I love the 660 (have it now), BUT...the duplex issue...really bothers me about 20% of the time. Thoughts?
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    My thoughts are I hate the bluetooth on the Treo!!! I love the form factor & desing of Motorola HS850 BUT it does not autoconnect & the volume sucks!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    My thoughts are I hate the bluetooth on the Treo!!! I love the form factor & desing of Motorola HS850 BUT it does not autoconnect & the volume sucks!!
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    i have the 660 and it auto connects just fine. sure it's not full duplex, but the volumes are pretty loud (even on the lowest setting!). love it.
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    It's hard to say that the logitech blows the 660 away. There are some definitely advantages to both, and the the 1/2 duplex of the 660 doesn't bother you, than I thnk that's a great headset to go with. Volume (with the eargels) was never a probelm once the 1.08 update came out for Sprint. The form factor is great, it's light, comfortable, etc.

    However, for me, the 1/2 duplex was a big deal. Now, i get full duplex capablility (which admittedly is a little limted because of the Treo's implenetation) but it is far more capable in this area. I also think the Logitech is slightly more comfortable on the ear, as it si spring loaded, and just sort of form fits. I also love that i can use the earpiece itself to clip it to my belt or shirt pocket so it carries itself as well.

    As i said, both are great headsets, both connect very quickly (660 may win, but just barely), but for me, the logitech is the new winner.
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    hmm this is an interesting debate. anyone else?
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    I had been using the Logitech headset for about 1 month when I bought the Treo Wireless headset. My first reaction was that I loved my new TW headset. But after a month of using it, I have gotten tired of the echo (about 50% of the time) and can't stand ear gels. (mostly because they pickup lots of lint in pockets) And I have been having a LOT of problems with the half duplex lately. My phone usage has increased quite a bit in the recent weeks, which may have contributed to noticing the problems more.
    So, I have opted to go back to the Logitech headset and after almost another week of using it, I will be sticking with the Logitech. The full duplex is much much better and people I'm talking to have less problems hearing me in noisy environments on the Logitech than with the Treo Headset. I'm going to be buying a car charger for it since I always forget it when leaving for work. I have been leaving my TWH in my truck to charge since I don't get signal at home.
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    I have the scala which i just purchased after updating to 1.12 and it works fine volume is great without eargels and it auto-connects quickly.. I haven't used the headset pre update so I can't tell you if anything changed after but I am very pleased and I get great distance.. I was using my old jabra 200 that I had for non-bluetooth phones without the extension and it did it's job but it didn't auto tranfer and I couldn't be no more then 4 feet from the phone without the static frenzy.. with the scala I can actually be on another floor and have a decent convo.. hope this helps...
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    there have been so mant rave reviews on the scala but I stayed away because it is **** ugly. but I may give it a shot now...
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    I keep seeing "Logitech" thrown around but people are not indicating whether its the Mobile Pro or the other smaller (non-boom) Logitech BT headset. Can some elaborate?

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    techprincesse, I'm using the Mobile Freedom Pro which is the smaller of the 2 Logitech headsets. The majority of people around here are referring to that model and there are a few people that have the Mobile Pro with the longer boom.
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    I have been referring to the Mobile Pro. I never tried the mobile freedom, as it didn't look like it would have any advantages over my Sony 660. After another day of use, I can offer the following comments:

    1) If connections speed is your ultimate goal, nothing can touch the HBH-660. It connects faster than any other headset i've ever tried. Almost as fast as if it was corded.

    2) If comfort is your primary concern, i can't find anything that can even touch the Logitech Mobile Pro. The larger earpiece with padded speaker, hinged hooks to fit any size or shape ear, and overall design make this the ergonomic winner hands down.

    3) Volume - for me, the 660 one the volume battle but only while using a Jabra eargel. With the eargel, the volume on the 660 was as good as having the phone up to my earl. The Mobile Pro (logitech) is pretty good, but in a noisy environment, i find myself wishing for one or two more tones on the volume scale. I drive a jeep, and it can be very loud at highway speeds. The Logitech works, but i find myself having to sometimes press the speaker into my ear, particularly if the other person is on a bad connection or speaks softly. But in 95% of my calling situations (at a bar, in my office, at home, or on the street) the Logitech has plenty of volume.

    4) Duplex - if full duplex is important, there is no comparison. The logitech is the hands-down winner. After using this, particularly on a few conference calls, i will never again purchase a Bluetooth headset that does not offer full duplex implementation. Every once in a while there will be some cuttin out if there is a whole lot of background noise, but in an office conference call environment, it worked flawlessly. I cannot stress how pleased i am with the full-duplex Logitech Mobile Pro.

    5) Range - i haven't found the need to test the ultimate range of the logitech. I know with the 660, i could leave the Treo on my desk and walk into the neighboring office and still hold a conversation with little to know static. I have only gotten as far as outside my office door, but to that distance, the logitech has been crystal clear with no static at all (~ 12 feet away.) I'll report back if and when i test its true limits.

    Hope this helps. It's as unbiased a review as i can give. I am in the process of giving my 660 away to a co-worker to use with his Motorola cell phone as i won't be needing it anymore.
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    I have had the Scala 500 since the 650 was first introduced along with a number of other headsets. The scala is the lightest weight, answers automatically 2 rings max, and since the Palmone Software upgrades the volumne is fine. With all that in the eequation and the price, I think it's hard to beat
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    Thank you...Great comparison. I appreciate it (though now I need a Logitech Mobile Pro to try...sigh).

    Re the Scala 500. I had it and sold it. It was okay...definitely loud enough, but though it started out working great, as the battery level went lower and lower the quality got worse and worse. This was my first bluetooth headset and I almost believed that it was supposed to work like that. Then I bought a Sony 660 and it is almost perfect. The full duplex of the Logitech Mobile Pro makes me want to check that headset out. The only time I notice the half duplex of the 660 is when the person I am speaking with is in a noisy environment. Then THEY have trouble hearing me.
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    anyone else? any other headsets will autoconnect with LOUD volume?
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    I tested a bunch & have decided that the logitech mobile freedom is the "best". It is the loudest which is what I was looking for & it autoconnects even if it takes up to 5 seconds & it feels solid. the Scala sounds tinny & feels cheaply made. The AX Bluespoon takes an hour to put it in your ear, the Nokia HS-11W for Treo 650 is too quite although easy to wear & the Nokia HS-4W for Treo 650 was second place but it just wasn't as loud as the logitech (I prefer the Nokia for form factor, autoconnect times & comfortability). All of the above autoconnected though-all taking different amount of time... anyone try the jabras?
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    Tell me more about the half-duplex problem. Usually, this means only one person at a time can talk -- if both are talking at the same time one won't be heard.

    Is this a correct understanding of the issue? Tell me in what cases this occurs and what kind of problem occurs.



    P.S. I've been using the Scala 500 and it is my first and only headset. However, I am frustrated by it's short range (static beyond 2 feet) and am looking for headsets that use Jabra eargells. I've used Jabra "wired" headsets in the past. I'm also looking to see if a "boom mic" style will be superior.
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