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    hey everyone,
    I got the email today about the update.
    Went to the site - followed the mac instructions for "If you dont have enough memory"
    Updated the rom, did the hard reset, and went to restore my old files/info.

    However, I STILL didn't have enough memory, and during the restoration of my old files/info - my phones shuts off and constantly resets.
    The only thing I can do now is do a hard-reset.
    Now each time I try to hotsync my old info, I get into this ugly loop.

    What can I do? Is there any way I can just revert to my old rom and keep things the way they used to be? Or can I delete some of my old programs before I hotsync again?

    or am I screwed
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    I would go into my backup folder (C:\Program Files\Handspring\Your ID\Backup) and delete everything from there. Also from the (C:\Program Files\Handspring\Your ID\Archive). This is assuming that you have a backup on your SD card.
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    Did you by any chance go and delete the ROM Update files from your Treo? Make sure to delete the ROM files from your Backup folder as well so when you Hotsync, it does not get put back on your device.

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