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    I have a t650 cingular and sync on my laptop using its proper software, along with many many other conduits (keysuite, spashsuite, adobe, avantgo, handbase,....) Anyway, i do alot ofwork on different people's treos many of them 600's. Usually I need to just sync their data and restore it on a new 600. I would love to use my laptop to do this, so i can just show up, sync the data off their broken unit, and restore on their new unit. Most of these people dont sync with computers (dont ask...) Is this possible? I really only need to use palm desktop, but dont want to screw too much with my 650 and outlook.
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    i think i just answered my own ques...yes. I just added a new palm in palm desktop, set the conduits all to no except the ones i need to sync (contacts), added a new outlook profile, and bingo.

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