I've got a Treo 650 that I'm trying to get setup to work with our exchange server here at work. I have complete access to the exchange server so I can do whatever I need to do. We use Exchange Server 2000.

I went into the VersaMail and selected Exchange. I set it up using our mail.domain.com address and the username/password combination.

When I select TEST at the end of account setup I'm getting the following:

Sucess!!! Accessed Server, but incorrect version.

Well...incorrect version of what!? VersaMail, Exchange Server, or what? And what version do I need?

When I try and actually run a Sync I get the following:

There was a problem syncing messages.
(0006)HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed
Server: Microsoft - IIS/5.0

Any information on what I need to do to make this work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!