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    I've searched extensively and have not heard of anyone else having this problem. When I establish a BT DUN connection on my 650, it consistently disconnects within 20-30 seconds (on the Treo). It takes 10-15 additional seconds for the XP dialer to detect the connection has broken.

    During the short time I am connected, I can ping sites and open web pages, etc... So in utilizing the connection for an instant, I know it the disconnect is not due to idle detection.

    I disabled all SW that could cause a disconnect, such as Chatter because it's configured to disconnect the data connection when all mailboxes offline. This is a relatively new Treo and has very little software installed on it.

    I'm using an Actiontec BTM200B USB-BT adapter and admittedly it's cheap, but it has performed flawlessly in all other capacities.

    I'm considering buying another BT adapter, but from what I can see, the problem lies with my Vision account or with something on the phone. It does not appear to be a BT problem. Calls to Sprint have been in vain.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    I was having alot of probelms with this and inadvertently figured out how to fix it. Before turning on DUN, go to prefs and select Network and click on disconnect. Then go to bluetooth and turn on DUN. I have had no disconnects since doing these steps. Good luck

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