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    all the wap browsers i've tried with the treo 650 either don't work properly(if at all) or automatically resets the phone,does anyone know of a compatable wap browser for the treo650?? please provide website or download link....thanx!!
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    what about blazer itself?
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    blazer is an ok web browser, but I wanted something where I could store just plain text in cache,i know blazer does this but it would still use more memory than a wap browser....but other than that just for the raw speed.....Eudora web would be good if the ssl lib would work with the prc., I can't log on any secure sites because the lib and prc won't merge when synced or using filez to the phone like it did on my treo600....otherwise this would be the premier choice...aahhh..!!
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    Forget the WAP and just go with a full-fledged browser that's fast and secure like WebPro. Get the patched version. It's floating around.
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    i've had the webpro patched version since my treo 600 days, i just liked the "evdo-ish" speeds i get with a wap browser...but it's not that big a deal.....i might put the java microsphere envirnment back on my phone so i can get webviewer back on my phone, but i don't think i really need it.
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    Have you tried Xiino? I use it more than I use Blazer due to its speed.

    Xiino 3.4E

    The fastest web browser for Palm OS, including SSL and javascript support
    • 1) Compatibles with OS4 or greater
      2) The fastest display/download processing
      3) Compatibles with Hi resolution ( 320 x 320 pixels )
      4) Compatibles with handhelds with vertically/holizontally long screens ( as CLIE, Tungsten T3/T5 and etc.)
      5) Compatibles with 5-way navigation button, especially Treo600/650
      6) Saving the communication cost and time ( Preview Browsing function )

    Note that you can try out Xiino for 30 days before make a purchase.
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    i've tried or still have every browser possible for my treo, and yes i currently have xiino as well...i love the speed but not the way it renders graphics and yes that runs pretty fast also with pictures disabled....that's probably my best option......just tossin the question out there to see if someone knew of a compatable wap browser for the 650.....but it doesnt's not really needed..thx !!

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